Jazz Musician of the day: Charles Mingus


 Charles Mingus, born on  April 22nd 1922. Missed his birthday by two days. Charles was most prominently known as a bassist, even though he had a start with the cello. If you know anything about bass players, they are rather behind the scenes guys. They support the rest of the band, but don’t get to spotlight as much as most other instrumentalists do.

 Charles was a very passionate and often temperamental musician. It has been suggested that his outbursts were due to his lack of compromising his integrity with quality music. His outbursts were directed at his fellow musicians, and occasionally at the audience.

 Charles played alongside Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, and Charlie Parker. Upon becoming recognized as a a bandleader, he set records for creating new compositions and albums that was matched only by Zappa and Ellington at the time.


 Charles Mingus developed Lou Gehrig’s disease, which eventually led to the deterioration of his career and his death in Mexico during early 1979. It is reported that his ashes were cast into the Ganges River after his death.

 He is known as a pioneer in double bass technique. Double Bass has such a great range and phenomenal sound when played. Which is what earns him the jazz musician of the day title.

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