Vintage Ads – Kids

It’s got a safety blade… so safe a baby could use it.

A few vintage ads for hump day… featuring/targeting children.

The land version of sea monkeys… hours and hours of excitement!?!

I love how they have to define what an ant farm is.

“Complete with stock of live ants.”

I would love to have been part of patenting this, you make a couple million selling kids things they find free in the yard.

Cause little Johnny needs a tan for swimsuit season…

Absolutely safe??? Well, not if it’s really a sun lamp. Ultraviolet light causes degenerative damage to skin cells and can cause cataracts. Although the benefits of monitored light therapy far outweigh the side effects. Still unsure how this machine differentiates between the harmful burning rays and the long tanning rays. If you have a medical reason to not be in the sun, then this is not a good alternative… just sayin.

Not sure how this one sells flights, unless you’re into pedophilia

There is no way this would fly today

You’ll shoot your eye out kid!

Look at those faces… come on ma! You can just let natural selection do it’s job. It’s science, after all.

Compliments of Those Were The Days & Vintage Catalogs Site!

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