Vintage Ads: Saved the best for last – Top 7

Rounding up all these ads was very humorous, but also very difficult to choose which ones to feature. Here are my top 7 picks

#7 – Luck Strike Cigarettes

It does suppress one’s appetite. Truth in advertising at it’s best.

#6 – Lysol Brand Douche

All caused by poor feminine hygiene. With Lysol you can “ensure daintiness” and “help protect your married happiness.”

#5 – Camel Cigarettes

Doctors choosing cigarettes amuses me to start with, but then they talk about your t-zone. Dermatologists would disagree about their definition of t-zone.

#4 – Whiskey Tooth Paste

I would definitely brush three times a day if this was still around. It had to have been super effective at killing bacteria. Just don’t brush and drive!

#3 – Parker Pens

The pen that is as lady-like as you are. A compact pen for those dainty hands, ladies.

#2 – Caswells Tapeworm Pills

If you haven’t ever had a tapeworm, consider yourself lucky. If you don’t know about them, then look up a little info on wiki (just not right around meal time). They can cause serious damage for over a decade and can multiply vastly in one’s body, not just their stomach. But thank God they are sanitized, otherwise that’d be gross.

#1 – Carpool Ad

Don’t be such a nazi!

Those were my favorites from my finds. Remember folks….

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One thought on “Vintage Ads: Saved the best for last – Top 7

  1. I love all of them and I think i will ask my doctor 🙂

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